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Ralf Winklmann

Solutions Architect & Business Consultant, Infor M3

T: +44 7833 273071 E: [email protected] L: Linkedin

Ralf Winklmann is responsible for the co-ordination of our operational strategy for client business for solution architect for Infor M3. He joined Xencore (UK) Limited in 2019 and is an expert business consultant for Infor M3 architect and M3 Finance with a deep understanding of accounting, costing, cash management, budgeting, consolidation, and transaction management.

His knowledge goes as far back to when Infor M3 was once Movex, then Lawson. His deep industry knowledge and vast experience as a senior solution architect and business management consultant for Infor M3 span 20 years+ in system architect, ESM&R, EQM, EAM, EQR, Short-/Long Term Rental, Project Order Management, Sales & Marketing, M3 Finance as in Design, Implementation, Management and Execution of ERP-Projects.

His strong commitment to excel in customer service has help paved the way for many of his clients to manage costs and keep a competitive advantage in a still developing and dynamic global market. It would be an understatement to say that he has been around, no he has seen it all.

Prior to joining Xencore (UK) Limited, he worked as an independent senior solutions architect for Infor M3 consultant.

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