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Xencore UK Ltd is a leading recruitment and IT management consulting company - we specialise in the recruitment and placement of IT and ERP professionals. Infor M3 is positioned to be the manufacturing and distribution solution for the next decade. It delivers powerful, industry-specific features, supporting the business needs of medium to large manufacturers, distributors and after sales service providers. The rapid growth of this innovative solution is showing no signs of slowing down and as such there is high demand for Infor M3 consultants, Movex consultants and a varied range of other jobs pertaining to the Infor M3 Movex suite. Our extensive knowledge of ERP and as specialists in the Infor M3 ERP Suite we have some very exciting roles available. Many of our clients are local and international companies with complex operational and recruitment requirements, which means they require on-demand resources for their IT projects on a fixed term basis. If you’re looking for a challenging and interesting career in M3 consulting you can view our available Infor M3 & Movex jobs below.

Our Jobs

Current ERP Roles

Senior M3 Warehouse & Logistics Consultant

BR analysis (workshop) Education (workshop) Configuration & Testing (CRP) Documentation (BluePrint, BRE-130) Additional Information Product - M3

Enterprise Applications Oracle Cloud Project Manager

Performs Project Management/ Project Lead advisory and implementation services, managing projects in Oracle ERP and Enterprise Performance

Microsoft CRM Developer Jobs

Who you’ll be working with: Passion drives us, bleeding-edge technology thrills us and our amassed skills are

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