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Why is ERP better than my current systems? Here are 7 reasons

1st April 2020,  Daniel Jones

If you’re not convinced that ERP will be more effective, practical and helpful than your current systems, we’ve put together a list of 7 key points that could change your view.

1 There’s a big community to provide help and support

With ERP software constantly becoming the choice for thousands of businesses, it’s no surprise that a number of online communities have also sprung up. Regardless as to which ERP platform you’ve chosen, you can be certain that an active online knowledge base is available to you in the form of other users. You could find the answer to your question has already been provided, but if you throw out a general request for help, you can expect a fairly rapid response.

2 ERP offers superior security protocols

With the introduction of ERP systems come permission settings, individually tailored for each user. This means that only authorised personnel can view specific documents, spreadsheets, inventories and sensitive financial information. And understandably, this has profound ramifications for business security. Moreover, ERP software designers constantly check security, releasing patches to fix issues as soon as they are identified.

3 Keep up to date with laws and regulations

With the introduction of ERP systems, your business won’t fall behind with any of its processes, such as data security, financial accounting or tracing products. Whether you’re running a food manufacturing business and need to be able to pinpoint potential contamination, or you’re simply trying to keep up to speed with financial processes and records, ERP software takes care of the all-important details.

4 Improve decision-making processes

The higher the quality of your data, the better the decisions you can make about your company’s strategy. Rather than having to rely upon outdated or complex systems, ERP lets a variety of applications work together, providing you with real-time, accurate data. And that all-important information is presented in a variety of user-friendly ways, enabling fast and accurate decision making to take place.

5 Free up employee time

ERP software allows businesses to streamline and automate a wide variety of processes. We’re seeing an increase in ERP jobs as more and more organisations start to cotton on to the benefits of using centralised systems to manage their business information. This is particularly beneficial for smaller concerns, where the costs of hiring staff with the necessary skillsets can seem insurmountable. But thanks to ERP applications, various aspects of the business can be completely automated. From sending sales orders directly to the accounting packages through to organising data in an easy-to-read and accessible format, ERP can save businesses time and money, freeing up valuable staff for other essential tasks.

6 Great choice of ERP software

Whatever your industry or size of business, there’s almost certain to be ERP software that can be tailored to your exact needs. All major sectors are seeing a steady increase in ERP jobs, as the benefits of the software become more widely known. Whether you’re heading up a large organisation or you work for a small concern in a niche industry, you’ll find plenty of ERP options, most of which are fully customisable to provide the exact levels of support that you require.

7 ERP supports mobile-first technology

With the suggestion that over 60% of ERP applications will be cloud-based within the next three years, it’s clear that users will expect to be able to access the software via a range of devices, from smartphones and tablets through to desktop PCs. A mobile workforce can still interact with ERP applications on the move, making this a highly desirable enabler for the vast majority of organisations.

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