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Introducing MS Dynamics 365 Project Operations

26th March 2020,  

With the imminent launch of MS Dynamics 365 Project Operations, Microsoft aims to provide one single solution to a range of business operations. Microsoft has announced that the public will be able to preview the new platform during June 2020, with the software going on general release in October.

MS Dynamics 365 Project Operations has been created using the Common Data Service and as with all other Dynamics 365 packages, users will be able to customise the software to suit their exact needs. And the upgrade to the application means that there’s likely to be an increase in Microsoft Dynamics jobs as companies prepare to introduce the new software.

The software takes elements from the previous Project Management Accounting element of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. This means that the new Dynamics 365 Project Operations software package will now include accounting capabilities, together with project management and expense management too.

The aim of the platform, according to Microsoft, is to provide a complete project management solution. The software will be able to handle a wide variety of processes encompassing everything from original quotations through to project accounting. By including elements from both the Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, as well as Dynamics 365 Finance, this new application provides a raft of enhanced features. Users will be able to plan and schedule activities, which hasn’t previously been possible.

The benefits of MS Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Those already working in Microsoft Dynamics jobs will almost certainly be familiar with elements of the currently available software. But once MS Dynamics 365 Project Operations becomes more widespread, following its October launch, users can expect a range of new benefits, including:

– an increased ability to generate sales, whilst speeding up the sales process with the introduction of extremely fast, but highly accurate quotations. Users can set their own pricing parameters and the application will allow each project to be seamlessly managed from original estimate through to the execution of the order. The application has been designed to integrate perfectly with Dynamics 365 Sales for a complete customer relationship management package.

– organisations will be able to optimise the use of their resources, making sure that the right people are tackling the most appropriate projects for their skillsets. This enables businesses to deliver a high-quality service, whilst keeping team members happy and playing to their strengths.

– business managers are able to make fast business decisions, based upon high-quality, real-time information. The application provides them with all the necessary data about processes, together with AI capabilities that provide them with valuable insights to respond quickly to emerging trends.

– project management tools allow project managers to deliver an enhanced service, thanks to state-of-the-art tools that are easy and intuitive to use.

– the application can integrate with Microsoft Teams, enabling team members to collaborate more effectively, aiding productivity in the process. Moreover, team members can access the software remotely, so that they can submit expenses and timesheets wherever they happen to be.

– in addition to keeping track of a range of costs, as well as invoicing and budgeting, the software can connect with Dynamics 365 Finance, for a complete financial management package.

Continued support for Dynamics 365 PSA

Current users of Dynamics 365 PSA don’t need to worry about ongoing support, since Microsoft has committed to continue providing support for them for the first four years, following the October 2020 launch of the new software. However, Microsoft has no plans to introduce any enhanced capabilities to the application and will be encouraging users to make the switch to Dynamics 365 Project Operations once it’s been formally released.

Those customers who either renew or purchase Dynamics 365 PSA before October 2020 will also be encouraged to make the move to the new application. Microsoft has announced its intention to integrate data migration tools into the Dynamics 365 PSA package, to aid the switch.

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